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Despite the fact that metal packaging has been known for over 200 years now, and the method of its use has not changed, today modern packaging technologies allow offering more attractive and eye-catching products on shop shelves.


The marketing tool used most often is multi-colour lithography which can be placed on all elements of the packaging, i.e. on the side, lid or bottom. The print can be made on a white enamel base or without it, which allows achieving the effect of transparent colours. We also offer clients a matte effect print on the entire printed area or also a selective matte on selected surfaces. Interesting effects can be obtained by using heat-sensitive – which changes colour under temperatures, pearlescent paint or fluorescent paint.


Embossing packagings are very attractive. This is where the elements are embossed on the side surface or bottoms.

Exceptional effects can be obtained also by expanding packaging, which allows us to create unique shapes dedicated to a specific product group or the client’s selected brand.


The additional possibilities of promotion are enhanced by print on the internal surface of the lid, under the product’s protective varnish, and also laser-print on the ring of the easy-opened lid.












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