Can-Pack Food and Industrial Packaging – Nowe technologie dla opakowań spożywczych

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Can-Pack Group


The Can-Pack Group offers services related to the production of packaging. These services are provided through special units within the group. Our services include the following categories: 


Engineering services for construction of cans and lids


We provide complete services from engineering assumptions to construction planning, equipment delivery, production start-up, employee training and production support and management.


Design services

• designing packaging and packaging elements in accordance with the needs of the client;
• exposure of montage films, exposure and developing of printing plates;
• designing lithography for packaging printed on metal plates using professional equipment and software;
• esigning complete production lines of metal packaging and packaging elements;
• delivering new or used machines, devices and complete production lines, depending on the needs of the client;
• installation and start-up of packaging production lines and stock packing lines together with servicing;
• designing and producing instrumentation, tools and spare parts for equipment supplied.


Cutting and varnishing services

• cutting, varnishing and printing of metal plates;
• cutting metal from rings on sheets: belt width up to 1200mm, possibility of linear and profile cutting;
• varnishing tinplated steel and aluminium sheets with various enamels and varnishes;
• printing tinplated steel and aluminium sheets with thermally hardened printing inks.


Repair services


• repair and modernization of metal packaging seeming machines;
• repair and modernization of metal packaging production lines.


Production Services

• production of tools and spare parts;
• production of spare parts for seeming machines;
• production of spare parts for the food industry;
• production of dies and instrumentation for die tools.


Engineering services

• lathe, milling and grinding services;
• thermal treatment and galvanizing services;
• engineering services;
• development of technologies and selection of materials and raw materials for producing various types of metal packaging


Lab services

• testing properties of steel plates;
• the evaluation of the mechanical and chemical resistance of internal and external varnished coatings;
• checking the geometric parameters and durability of can bodies and lids;
• assistance in modelling the heat-treatment process of canned foods.

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